Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Datapump sample code
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
If I'm correct (that only happens occationally, so check for yourself),
Firebird handles quoted field names, whereas parameters are assigned by
position. Then IBO makes sure you can use parameter names rather than
position. Your SQL below is the first time I see quoted parameter names.
My first suspicion with your error message would be that IBO doesn't
handle quoted parameter names. Try removing the double quotes from the
parameter names.

Others who have actually used IB_Datapump will hopefully answer part B
of your question...


firebird@... wrote:
> Is there sample code for this component somewhere?
> For the dest. query, if I try setting the SQL to an insert, then
> when I do the Prepare, I get "Invalid dml column reference: "Def Status" ".
> If I try setting the SQL to a select, then using the TIB_Query's property
> editor to generate the insert SQL, I don't get the error above but nothing
> happens, either.
> Here's the insert SQL:
> ("Def Status", "Name", ID,
> "Accounts", "Grand Total",
> "Grand Tax", "Year Total",
> "Year Tax", "Month Total",
> "Month Tax", "Week Total",
> "Week Tax") VALUES (
> :"Def Status",
> :"Name",
> :ID,
> :"Accounts",
> :"Grand Total",
> :"Grand Tax",
> :"Year Total",
> :"Year Tax",
> :"Month Total",
> :"Month Tax",
> :"Week Total",
> :"Week Tax"
> )
> The column is quoted, but I'm getting the impression that this isn't the
> issue, but that there's some property I haven't set correctly in one of the
> components involved.
> Also, it isn't evident to me how one handles transactions here. ISTM that by default,
> AutoCommit is used. But suppose I have a very large dataset to move, and I want
> to batch the commits. May use OnAfterFetchRow to do a commit from time to
> time?
> Michael D. Spence
> Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.