Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Parse missing in evaluation package
Author ian.macintosh
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> I've just tested the install into D7 and it works fine here. Look at
> your installation directory for a directory named D7. You should
> find the DCU files there. As to why you are getting the
> the IBO installation directory in your path?


The D7 directory is empty.

I installed to D:\src\IBO

With all projects closed ('File', 'Close All'), from the menu
selecting 'Project', 'Options' in Delphi 7 and then in the 'Default
Project Options' dialog box, selecting the tabsheet
'Directories/Conditionals' I have set:

SearchPath = D:\src\IBO
BPL output directory = D:\src\Delphi7-BPL
DCP output directory = D:\src\Delphi7-DCP
and Aliases to the default, other fields blank

From the menu selecting 'Tools', 'Environment Options' in the dialog
box selecting the 'Library' tabsheet, I have:

Library Path = $(DELPHI)\Lib;$(DELPHI)\Bin;$(DELPHI)\Imports;

BPL output directory = D:\src\Delphi7-BPL
DCP output directory = D:\src\Delphi7-DCP

In the MS Windows environment variable configuration I have set
path=D:\Bin\Delphi7\Bin;D:\src\Delphi7-Bpl\;D:\src\IBO;... as well.

Delphi 7 is installed in D:\bin\Delphi7 as you can see.

Far as I can see, everything should work.

This configuration works for an earlier (full) version of IBO,
installed to the same directory. I rename the directory D:\src\IBO to
D:\src\IBO.backup prior to installing the new version, so there is no
existing D:\src\IBO when I install.

In Delphi 7 under the menu 'Component', 'Install Packages' I removed
all previous IBO packages. Then I also delete all files in
D:\src\Delphi7-BPL and D:\src\Delphi7-DCP

Net result it that any previous version of IBObjects is fully uninstalled.

The install fails after:

'Files will now be compiled and installed into the IDE's selected.
Please be patient. This could take a while.'

with the message:

'There appears to be a conflict with another installation of IBO.
Please properly uninstall prior installations and try this
installation again.'

I strongly suspect the error message is 'canned' and not relevant.
Probably just a typical assumption error message muddying the waters here.

Is there an installation log file that I can peruse to glean the real
cause from?

There is a folder D:\src\IBO\Logs containing a zero byte (empty)
D7_IBO40CRT_D7.log file.