Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Parse missing in evaluation package
Author Helen Borrie
OK, Ian, rather than trying to grope my way through your paths and
setup scenario, I'll tell you what I did. The reason is that my
*first* attempt to install this kit failed, partly because I didn't
run the uninstall of 4.6B from the Add/Remove Programs applet in the
Control Panel and partly because the installation path form of the
installer is acting in a non-standard way.

I'll add some more observations about the current version of the Eval
installer at the end, in the hope that it will help Jason when he
builds the next one.

Here's what worked.

1. Start D7, go to Components | Install Packages and Remove all the
IBO packages.

2. Check your Environment paths to make sure your intended
installation path is in the library path. OK to have the output
paths there, though this installer doesn't seem to honour them.

3. Close Delphi.

4. Now go to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and remove
IBObjects. NB, this is a new requirement. Previous installers didn't
do anything in the uninstall. (Jason has had a programmer working on
the IBO 4.6B installs...)

5. As a reality check, look in your designated installation
directory to make sure everything there is empty. (I just delete and
recreate the directory). Also check in the Windows system32 directory
to make sure there are not old BPL and/or DCP files there for D7.

Note: My installation path is e:\ibo46_d7. I have my BPL output
path set as ($DELPHI)\Projects\BPL. For each Delphi version I also
create a subdir named dcp beneath the IBO root. In my environment
options I have both of these set in both places, i.e. in the output
path settings and in the environment path.

6. Now, still with D7 shut down, run the installer.

7. When the "install into" form comes up, check off ALL options
except Delphi 7. (I have D3, D4, D5, D6 and D7 installed and the
installer comes up with a checkbox list, with all versions checked
on. Through bitter past experience, I can report that this will
corrupt your other installations!)

Note for Jason: This form should not default to all installed Delphi
versions, IMO. If it is to default to anything, have it default to
the highest installed version.

8. When the path selection option comes up, defaulting to c:\IBO4,
DELETE the default entry and click the Browse button. Find your
installation directory and select it.

9. *Before* clicking the Next button, edit the path entry to remove
the extraneous characters that the installer writes there (on my
setup, it appended "IBO4" to my legitimate path, i.e. it read as
e:\ibo46_d7\IBO4 and the first time around it installed to that root).

10. Now click the Next button. It is now safe to let the
installation proceed. Respond Yes to the dialog about using the
existing directory and to the two other dialogs and wait for the
Finished message to appear.

As a general thing, I recommend avoiding spaces and hyphens in
software directory paths. Some installers don't like them; and
Delphi has been notorious throughout its history for bugs in path parsing!)

Notes for Jason:

1. This version of the installer honours my BPL output path but not
my DCP path. The DCPs are all written in the BPL directory. This is
an improvement on previous installers, which would write everything
to the system32 directory. It's less of a big deal now, as I have a
larger C-drive than I used to....When I use the BPG/Rawsource
install, my output settings are honoured for all BPLs.

2. I noticed that, even though the installer wrote all the DCUs to
the D7 subdir, which was not in any of my paths, Delphi was still
able to find the DCUs. I see that the installer didn't seem to have
updated my Path variable so I guess that is lurking in Registry somewhere...?

3. Once the installer issues have stabilised I will need to update
the installation instructions in the Help file.

I hope this helps you a little, Ian. Try the full re-install with
all the side-issues and contact me privately if it still doesn't seem
to work.