Subject Re: [IBO] Control Grid
Author Dany M
Anthony Tanas wrote:
> I just tried it with the IB_Navigation bar, and indeed it seems to follow
> the formating that I set up in the data set (with field and column
> attributes properties) as you suggested...but it does not fire the GetText
> event for the inactive records.

I ran into this a long time ago. The answer I got from Jason is that
this is by design. GetText is an event of the dataset/source and that
does not know how many rows are displayed at any given moment. It would
certainly be possible to have GetText fired for each row retrieved from
the data but I guess Jason realized it would fire too often and create
other hazards. Come to think of it - data for a grid (TIB_Grid) is
fetched from the buffers at drawtime so if GetText was to do the magic
we would probably need a GetBuffText event. Anyway TIB-Grid show similar

In order to solve this (I have not worked with controlGrids yet so I can
only elaborate on TIB_Grid but it should be the same) one has to put
similar code as in the GetText in the grids event (DrawCell or some
such). It's a bit messy but I think it's doable.