Subject Re: [IBO] Ib_Events problems continued :)
Author Robert martin
> Not at all! You need to check the actual client library that is being
> loaded by your application. Unless you have done something to
> relocate it and use the name of the Fb 1.5.3 client (which is
> fbclient.dll), your IBO app will use gds32.dll in the Windows
> system32 directory. So check the properties of the file *there*.
> Make certain that you also do this check on any deployed client installations!!

Yes the file is there and its version # is which I believe to
be correct.

>> As far as I can see the problem isn't gone as I can see the error
>> handling code in IBObjects kick in and try and deal with the problem
>> (from the FB API).
>> However your email got me thinking and I created a test app to prove the
>> problem was repeatable. It isn't ! In my test app I still occasionally
>> get the CPU window up in the IDE but I don't get the GDS32.dll error and
>> it's bad crash.
>> I have spent all morning trying to spot the difference between my real
>> app and my test app. The only difference seems to be my real app is
>> threaded and contains threaded DB connections. However the stuff
>> related to the ib_events is in the main application thread. So I am at
>> a total loss.
> I'm assuming you are talking about a local client here, not a remote
> one? What Protocol setting are you using?

I am using TCP/IP in Both my test app and my real app. Not sure what
you mean by local v remote client. My testing has been on my machine
running FB Super server on Windows XP Pro, if that helps.