Subject RE: [IBO] applyupdates is not working twice on the same record
Author Jason Wharton
Will you please send me a sample application demonstrating this problem?

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] applyupdates is not working twice on the same record
> i have an application that uses applyupdate with a TIBOQuery...
> i'd set the transaction object asosiated to AutoCommit and
> ReadCommited..but after that i modify the first record i call a
> procedure that makes the IBOquery1.Post; and IBOQuery1.ApplyUpdates;
> The first time is all perfect, but in the same session if i try to
> modify the first record again, the ApplyUpdates don't work anymore
> and the IBOQuery1.UpdatesPending; returns False after the
> modification, but the curious thing here is that for any other record
> in the relation works fine, but just with the previously modified not.
> I mean the second call to applyupdates for any record is no working.
> .. we test this using IBO 4.2 Ie and 4.6a with the same effect.
> What are we doing wrong??? is this a bug in IBO??? we have found a
> lot of topics about problems with the cachedupdates in IBO but this
> case is not mentioned in any one
> Thanx in advance... hope could help us.
> Carlos G