Subject applyupdates is not working twice on the same record
Author Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo
i have an application that uses applyupdate with a TIBOQuery...

i'd set the transaction object asosiated to AutoCommit and
ReadCommited..but after that i modify the first record i call a
procedure that makes the IBOquery1.Post; and IBOQuery1.ApplyUpdates;

The first time is all perfect, but in the same session if i try to
modify the first record again, the ApplyUpdates don't work anymore
and the IBOQuery1.UpdatesPending; returns False after the
modification, but the curious thing here is that for any other record
in the relation works fine, but just with the previously modified not.

I mean the second call to applyupdates for any record is no working.
.. we test this using IBO 4.2 Ie and 4.6a with the same effect.

What are we doing wrong??? is this a bug in IBO??? we have found a
lot of topics about problems with the cachedupdates in IBO but this
case is not mentioned in any one

Thanx in advance... hope could help us.

Carlos G