Subject IBO Admin and Default Session Leaks
Author Toby Leonard
I just started using the IBO Admin components to handle backing up a bunch of
FB DBs. (Before I'd been calling gbak from code and waiting on the process
handle.) The resulting backups work fine, but I'm seeing memory leaks - one
for each thread that backs up a DB.

FastMM to the rescue, I found the leaks are due to some TIB_Session objects
not being freed. Looking at the IBO Admin files, it's always using the
default session, and I don't see a way (short of modifying the code) to get it
to accept another one. I know with IB you need to have a separate session per
thread, and that works great in a couple other apps I've written.

So any ideas on how to prevent these leaks? My first thought was wrapping the
backup function in a critical section and calling the whole via Synchronize,
but 1) that's pretty roundabout and defeats the point of running it in a
thread with the rest of the DB creation code, 2) it'll hang the GUI thread
while it's processing, and 3) would (I think) still leave one leaked TIB_Session.


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