Subject RE: [IBO] applyupdates is not working twice on the same record
Author Jason Wharton
> Don't call Post on a cached dataset! That totally defeats the
> purpose of caching. Caching is designed to *prevent* Post being
> called on any changes in the buffer. When ApplyUpdates is called, it
> goes through the buffer and calls Post for each row that has changed
> since the last time it was called.

It is appropriate to call Post on a dataset when CachedUpdates are in use.
Calling Post is what posts the changes into the datasets cache of updates.
What happens when ApplyUpdates is called is it takes all the updates from
the cache and applies them on the server and flags the update in the cache
as applied. At that point the person can either CommitUpdates or
CancelUpdates such that the cache of changes is made permanent or removed
from the server via rollback and reset to non applied in the buffers.

There are distinct reasons for using cached updates instead of 2 tier

Perhaps you could share with us what your are doing and we can better advise

Jason Wharton