Subject DbLookupComboBox do not work with lookupfields in tIboquery
Author J Jesús Covarrubias

I migrate and application from Paradox to Firebird,
Using The
IboComponents. In this process I want to reduce the
risk , so I change
the TTable query for a TIboquery, no TIBQuery.

The question is that I have some extranche behaviors
especially with
TLookupFields. Some of this are:
-- When I use a edit and TlookupComboBox that can
change the same field,
If I change the value of the field using the edit, The
first time the
TlookupComboBox do not reflect the change. I have to
change the field
using the tlookupComboBox and then all the changes
that I do with the
edit are reflected to the tlookupcombobox. The
application before the
migration, using ttable this did not happen.
Can I know why, is this behavior?

--I saw that in some reports, when I´m using
tlookupfields, the
lookuptable did not change his value. I supposed that
this is something
similar to the first problem.

DO I have to do something especial so the lookupfield
have the same behavior that the the TTABLE ?

Thanks for your help.

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