Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_DSQL and Active
Author clivewalden
Thanks for all your advice.
I will make the appropriate changes.
I will track down the runtime browser.

A couple of comments (and I am trying to be helpful not contentious).
1. not withstanding your comment, I do get data back from the SQL
select in the TIB_DSQL.

2. I re-visited both TIB_Statement and TIB_DSQL in the help file and
saw no caveat about using SELECT.
It handles all of the necessary API calls to allocate, prepare and
execute an InterBase dynamic SQL (DSQL) statement.
Does that mean that SELECT is not a statement?

This component is used for all InterBase DSQL statements that do not
involve the handling of multiple rows of output data.

Note the use of "all" in both items.

A couple of extra lines in the help file might prevent someone from
following in my footsteps.

Thanks again,