Subject RE: [IBO]IBO Development (was IBO and FB 2)
Author Paul Hope
I have been using IBO very intentsively for many years, have occasionaly
made a contribution but have very limited time (and somewhat limited
expertise) to make contributions. Whilst I share Hans sense of frustration
at the way development is managed I understand and fully support Jasons
desire to be in control and benefit financially.

On a couple of occasions when I have met Jason we discussed the possibility
of some sort of published list of bug fix and enhancement requests - and (as
I recall) Jason was threatening to do something along these lines.

I know nothing about how open source projects are managed, I am just
wondering if some of those techniques could be used for IBO, maintaining
Jasons full control but making the process more accessible. I'm sure it
would also encourage more contributions to the development process.


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> To my knowledge anyone who has ever expressed a sincere
> interest to roll up their sleeves and help with IBO has been
> given full source to work with. If your request has been
> neglected then get a little more noisy about it. I have
> hundreds of emails a day and I can miss things from time to time.
> I have no desire to make IBO public domain free-beer software
> out in CVS.
> That would be the end of it. IBO isn't well suited to go
> this route. There is a high degree of specialization and it
> will require my ongoing oversight and attention, which will
> not be present if I have no hope of supplementing my income
> with commercial licenses.
> If I had no hope of revenue from IBO I wouldn't pay staff
> members to support it and work on it and I would no longer
> work on it. However, given the current circumstances, and
> not to mention my substantial amount of support to Firebird
> from the beginning and over the years, I feel it would be
> appropriate to receive assistance from people on IBO without
> having to toss IBO into the free-beer realm.
> There's a place for free-beer software but IBO is definitely not it.
> Jason
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> > I have been part of the IBO community for many years and at
> times even
> > made contributions. I haven't had access to the latest code
> for about
> > a year now. Only receiving promises.
> >
> > In my opinion, it will become more and more difficult under the
> > current community setup, which is basically an one man show, to
> > attract developers who will contribute free time.
> >
> > Maybe it is time for some open source IBObject project with
> cvs access
> > and control.
> >
> > I also experienced that server projects using FB and
> IBObjects don't
> > run properly under the soon to be released Windows Vista.
> >
> > Many hurdles to overcome in so little time :)
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Hans
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