Subject RE: [IBO] IBO and FB 2
Author Jason Wharton
To my knowledge anyone who has ever expressed a sincere interest to roll up
their sleeves and help with IBO has been given full source to work with. If
your request has been neglected then get a little more noisy about it. I
have hundreds of emails a day and I can miss things from time to time.

I have no desire to make IBO public domain free-beer software out in CVS.
That would be the end of it. IBO isn't well suited to go this route. There
is a high degree of specialization and it will require my ongoing oversight
and attention, which will not be present if I have no hope of supplementing
my income with commercial licenses.

If I had no hope of revenue from IBO I wouldn't pay staff members to support
it and work on it and I would no longer work on it. However, given the
current circumstances, and not to mention my substantial amount of support
to Firebird from the beginning and over the years, I feel it would be
appropriate to receive assistance from people on IBO without having to toss
IBO into the free-beer realm.

There's a place for free-beer software but IBO is definitely not it.


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> I have been part of the IBO community for many years and
> at times even made contributions. I haven't had access to the
> latest code for about a year now. Only receiving promises.
> In my opinion, it will become more and more difficult under the
> current community setup, which is basically an one man show,
> to attract developers who will contribute free time.
> Maybe it is time for some open source IBObject project with cvs
> access and control.
> I also experienced that server projects using FB and IBObjects
> don't run properly under the soon to be released Windows Vista.
> Many hurdles to overcome in so little time :)
> Best Regards
> Hans