Subject IBO and FB 2
Author russellbelding
I have been out of contact with this IBO Support list for some time
so I ask for some leeway if my question covers old ground. Searching
the list does not answer my questions.

Using Delhphi 6 and IBO 4.3Aa (I have purchased IBO 4.6A but have
not installed it), I took a Fb 1.5.3 datafile and did a FB 2 RC1
gbak backup and then a gbak restore on the file. Using the FB 2 RC1
client dll as GDS32.dll with my application ...

The first error I hit relates to my mixing table names and table
alias' in sql statements. This does not work using FB 2. (an
Unknown Column error is given on the first column referenced that
does not use the alias but uses the table name) There seems to be a
rule "If an table alias is used, use it always."

Q1: Is this a rule for IBO and FB2?
Q2: Are there other rules?
Q3: Is IBO4.6A required to use FB2?
Q4: Is there a list of IBO topics yet to be done for FB2?
Q5: What else should I know before using FB2 with D6+IBO?

Thanks for any insights.
Russell Belding