Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and FB 2
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:34 PM 13/04/2006, you wrote:
>I have been out of contact with this IBO Support list for some time
>so I ask for some leeway if my question covers old ground. Searching
>the list does not answer my questions.
>Using Delhphi 6 and IBO 4.3Aa (I have purchased IBO 4.6A but have
>not installed it), I took a Fb 1.5.3 datafile and did a FB 2 RC1
>gbak backup and then a gbak restore on the file.

Not necessarily the safe thing to do. A 1.5 gbak backup and a Fb 2
gbak restore is the recommended thing to do. Make sure you have a
1.5 backup on hand in case things go south.

>Using the FB 2 RC1
>client dll as GDS32.dll with my application ...
>The first error I hit relates to my mixing table names and table
>alias' in sql statements. This does not work using FB 2. (an
>Unknown Column error is given on the first column referenced that
>does not use the alias but uses the table name) There seems to be a
>rule "If an table alias is used, use it always."

Yup. It's strongly recommended to study the Fb 2 release notes,
especially the compatibility chapter.

>Q1: Is this a rule for IBO and FB2?

It's a rule for FB2 and it may not yet have been implemented in the
IBO parser (await Jason's comments about that - I know it's planned...)

>Q2: Are there other rules?

Well, the release notes will alert to you changes that affect your statements.

>Q3: Is IBO4.6A required to use FB2?

The jury is still out...more likely, 4.6B, when it's ready.

>Q4: Is there a list of IBO topics yet to be done for FB2?

There should be but there isn't, as far as I know. You can look at
the IBO website to see some of the issues (link at the top of the
main page, beneath the banner.)

>Q5: What else should I know before using FB2 with D6+IBO?

The boot is really on the other foot...Fb 2 isn't released yet, so
it's really up to us as users to find and report the issues. But DO
read the Fb 2 release notes, I can't hammer that hard enough. A lot
of things change in a full release, and sloppy SQL practices that we
brought with us from InterBase are being invalidated as the language
gets cleaned up.