Subject Re: [IBO] Create Data Base at Runtime ... D7 IBO
Author James N Hitz
Place a TIB_Script (from the iboTools page) on the form or dataform, link it to a TIB_Connection and a TIB_Transaction.

Place the DML code in the IBScript.SQL. At runtime, ask the user for location to store DB file (you could use a standard TDialog or use the inbuilt dialog by setting IB_Connection.LoginPrompt = true).

Execute the Script:


You may want to have a look at the IBO Samples. Most of them use this approach. Hope this helps
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Subject: [IBO] Create Data Base at Runtime ... D7 IBO


My User will have created a folder for storing a new Firebird database.

I can create a script at runtime to create the database, tables etc.

Which, if any, component can be called to execute the script?

The alternative will be to have an empty master database which can be
copied to the new folder.

Advice appreciated.

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