Subject Re: [IBO] InterBase / FireBird
Author acauanribeiro
Ok, I'm sory...

My name is Acauan, I'm from Brazil / RS - Porto Alegre. ID = 104511.

I have to convert my database from Interbase to Firibird, and I use
the Delphi 4. I try conect my app with Firebird (with Interbase
status = shutdown) but the app not find the server. When I install
FireBird I choose "compatibility" between Interbase and FireBird. I
read some thing about a configuration in the component "Connection".
Does it have a propertie to indicate FireBird or InterBase or
wich "dll" to use (gds32.dll / fbclient.dll)?
If same body have the step by step to do this about the database...


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