Subject Re: [IBO] Install prblm
Author Aage Johansen
Helen Borrie wrote:
> Hello Aage,
> At 03:53 AM 30/03/2006, Aage wrote:
>> The install of IBO/4.6 (into D6Ent and BDS2006Pro) seemed to work
>> perfectly. However, it turns out that some of IBO was not installed
>> into D6. I can only see Core, Access, Tools and Internet on the
>> pallette - 8 or so are missing.
> Can you check your palettes setup to make sure that somehow they
> didn't get installed into new palettes.

I cannot see the missing ones anywhere. I discovered the problem
when I tried to load an old project and quickly recieved an error:
"Class TIBOQuery not found. Ignore the error and continue? NOTE: ..."

I take this to mean that the components aren't hidden in some other
palette page(?)

> Likewise, check Components>Install Packages to see whether the
> missing packages are in the list and, if so, whether they are
> checked. If they are, exit Delphi and go looking for the design-time
> and run-time BPLs and the DCPs. If you find them, move them into the
> locations where they should be, according to your environment path settings.

I can only see
IB Objects Core Components
IB Objects Internet Extensions
IB Objects Native Data Access Components
IB Objects TDataset Internet Extensions
IB Objects Tools Components
(all checked)
I could not see any IBO components outside of these.

>> Is there a procedure to install the rest (without mucking up what's
>> already working fine)?
> Yes, the original BPG semi-manual install should work. If you've
> forgotten how to do that, there's a new installation section in the
> latest helpfile.

I should have an old install text (for IBO/4.2, perhaps) on my old
machine. Somewhere. Found it: "IBO_HowToInstall.txt".
After a while I also found something in the 4.5 help file.

> ...
> Anyway, if you get totally stuck, email me privately.

Expect to be disturbed during the weekend (hopefully, I'll get some
free time to kill). It isn't terribly urgent - my old computer still
runs (crossing fingers)

> Helen

Aage J.