Subject Re: [IBO] Install prblm
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:39 AM 31/03/2006, you wrote:

> >> Is there a procedure to install the rest (without mucking up what's
> >> already working fine)?
> >
> > Yes, the original BPG semi-manual install should work. If you've
> > forgotten how to do that, there's a new installation section in the
> > latest helpfile.
>I should have an old install text (for IBO/4.2, perhaps) on my old
>machine. Somewhere. Found it: "IBO_HowToInstall.txt".
>After a while I also found something in the 4.5 help file.

I suggest using the latest helpfile (4.6). It can be downloaded from
the Downloads page at the main IBO website. Use the Contents list to
locate the installation help.