Subject Re: [IBO] Install prblm
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Aage,

At 03:53 AM 30/03/2006, Aage wrote:
>The install of IBO/4.6 (into D6Ent and BDS2006Pro) seemed to work
>perfectly. However, it turns out that some of IBO was not installed
>into D6. I can only see Core, Access, Tools and Internet on the
>pallette - 8 or so are missing.

Can you check your palettes setup to make sure that somehow they
didn't get installed into new palettes.

Likewise, check Components>Install Packages to see whether the
missing packages are in the list and, if so, whether they are
checked. If they are, exit Delphi and go looking for the design-time
and run-time BPLs and the DCPs. If you find them, move them into the
locations where they should be, according to your environment path settings.

>Is there a procedure to install the rest (without mucking up what's
>already working fine)?

Yes, the original BPG semi-manual install should work. If you've
forgotten how to do that, there's a new installation section in the
latest helpfile.

>I've installed two component sets after IBO (InfoPower4000 and
>dbISAM/4.21) - I hope these didnt' break anything... I need to use
>D/6 until old programs are converted to D/2006.

Don't know.

Anyway, if you get totally stuck, email me privately.