Subject Re: [IBO] Generator Links in the Component Editor
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:56 AM 30/03/2006, you wrote:
>Why when we call the component Editor for a TIBOQuery, the box for
>the Generator Links don't appears???... this box is just available
>for the component editor of a TIB_Query... are there an specific
>reason for this???

Yes, the GeneratorLinks pane is part of the MasterLinks form and
MasterLinks are not supported for IBOQuery. The query editor is the
same one that IBO uses for IB_Query, with conditionals.

>i always that want to setup this feature i must quit of the Component
>Editor and set it in the object inspector... would be nice can make
>all in the component editor

Personal opinion: It's so simple to do it in the Object Inspector
that I would think it extremely unlikely Jason would attach high
priority to refactoring the editor just for this purpose.

Don't forget that you have the (IMO) much more useful alternative of
setting up GeneratorLinks for ALL of your tables in the connection
object (probably TIBODatabase in your case).