Subject LookupKeyForFields vs. LookupKeyForBufferFields
Author raoul.sitasoftware

Could someone please explain the difference between
1)LookupKeyForFields and 2)LookupKeyForBufferFields from the
TIB_BDataSet? I'm getting familiar with IBO and wondered what these
are for.
First, I thought 1) would do a Lookup only on server and 2) would do a
Lookup on Buffer and, if not found in buffer, then on server. Now I
don't understand anything because I won't get results with both of them.

My simple use case: I use a TIB_Query, I set 2 KeyLinks, let's say ID1
and ID2, as statement I use a SELECT * FROM. Before the Lookup I set
the values for ID1 and ID2 in the KeyFields. After Lookup I get the
desired value from the searched record with BufferFieldByName('FIELD').
When I open the dataset before Lookup I get always the SAME record as
result of my Lookup, when I don't open the dataset I get no results;-)

What am I understanding or doing wrong?

Thx for your help!