Subject Simulating ISAM files using a TIBOTable component
Author Stephen Boyd
I have a need to provide access to a Firebird table in a simulated
ISAM environment. On the surface it would seem as though the
TIBOTable would be a perfect foundation on which to base the ISAM
simulation middleware. I have quite a few concerns regarding
performance when using the TIBOTable component. For instance:

What happens when the transaction is commited? How do I avoid
fetching the entire table every time I commit while leaving the
current position of the record pointer intact?

How do the Find and Locate methods work? It seems that in order to
allow fetching the table backwards from the located record that the
table component would need to fetch all records preceeding the located
record every time I Find or Locate. Doesn't this make the use of
indexes almost irrelevant?

I guess most of my concerns stem from really bad experiences with the
Borland TTable component. I guess that I really want to know if the
TIBOTable is more efficient that TTable or if it emulates it so
faithfully that the inefficiencies are also emulated.