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> >Why can't you just select it and display it in the grid?
> >
> The problem here is Martijn's DB Workbench has an "SQL Editor" where
> an admin user, i.e. you or I, should be able to type in a dynamic
> query and see the "result". Of course, a grid-based control
> accommodates a dataset, i.e. the rows output from a SELECT statement
> (incl. a selectable procedure).
> But EXECUTE PROCEDURE doesn't return "rows", it returns a single set
> of output params. The TDataset classes see these as "params", not
> As I commented last time, it's no good saying 'rewrite the procedure
> as a selectable procedure' because this interface is for developers
> to test their code. So you can't say to them "put a suspend in there
> for testing in DBW and then use ALTER PROCEDURE afterwards to take it
> Martijn, how about just using a non-data-aware derivative of the
> fancy grid and plugging the output params into it after execution?

Which is what I'm doing for "run procedure" in the Procedure Editor.

Thing is, things are getting a bit hairy when trying to figure out if
it's an execute/select/etc, remember, DBW is rather multi-db-engine :-)

Anyway, if it's not possible, it's not possible.

A single row of "fields" would be ok as well ;-)

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