Subject Re: [IBO] When AutoFetchAll = false, bad speed to get max. speed?
Author Dany M
coderefectory wrote:
> Hi!
> I have DSL network connection, speed 512kbit/s download and 128kbit/s
> upload, Open VPN...remote database!
> I tried to set AutoFetchAll = false, FetchWholeRows = false,
> AutoFetchFirst = works!
> But I'm not satisfied with scrolling and searching speed, especially
> on master detail relations.

Depending on how wide the row is and how much of the information
requested in the underlying SELECT that are actually shown in the grid,
try turning *on* the FetchWholeRows.

IMO this flag will not disable the keyFetch-intelligence of IBO it will
merely fetch the whole row immediately for "visible" records. But I'm
not a 100% sure of this.

Anyway - give it a try.

128Kb/s is in my opinion rather on the low side of bandwith but it
should work.