Author Helen Borrie
At 08:35 PM 6/03/2006, Roger Vellacott wrote:
>Why can't you just select it and display it in the grid?

The problem here is Martijn's DB Workbench has an "SQL Editor" where
an admin user, i.e. you or I, should be able to type in a dynamic
query and see the "result". Of course, a grid-based control
accommodates a dataset, i.e. the rows output from a SELECT statement
(incl. a selectable procedure).

But EXECUTE PROCEDURE doesn't return "rows", it returns a single set
of output params. The TDataset classes see these as "params", not "fields".

As I commented last time, it's no good saying 'rewrite the procedure
as a selectable procedure' because this interface is for developers
to test their code. So you can't say to them "put a suspend in there
for testing in DBW and then use ALTER PROCEDURE afterwards to take it out".

Martijn, how about just using a non-data-aware derivative of the
fancy grid and plugging the output params into it after execution?