Subject TIB_Ledger
Author Anthony Tanas
Let's talk about the TIB_Ledger. The help file has no description about it.
The website says it is for a spreadsheet style layouts that accountants

What's the deal with this thing? What's it for?

In regards to the IB_Ledger I hooked it up to a dataset and I see the data
at design time but not at run time (only the headers) and it behaves like it
doesn't have focus.

I am building a screen to apply insurance payments to billing lines in my
program and am wondering if this might be a good control to use this for?
Like I'd list the billing information and then have a non data bound field
to input an in-line payment (which would actually be posted to another table
of course) and then I'd run a query to do the actual insert of the payment.

Anyway I don't understand the ledger so I cannot see if it would be usefull
in my situation or not.

Thanks guys.