Subject Re: IB_Events and 'Access violation in module fbclient.dll'
Author tickerboo2002
> In our application we get occassionally an
> EAccessViolation with message 'Access violation at address 1002C389
> in module 'fbclient.dll'' during shutdown.
> The app is built with Delphi 7 / IBO4.6A and we use Firebird 1.5.3

I have just upgraded to Firebird v1.53 and I too have started to get
this error when my application shuts down. It doesn't happen
everytime, but invariably, it uses 100% CPU on the client.

I never had this problem with FBv1.52. Have they fixed something in
v1.53 that IBO doesn't handle well?

I'm using BCBv5 and IBO4.3Aa