Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query...MaxRows...TIB_Grid...remote database
Author Dany M
coderefectory wrote:
> Hi,
> I have DSL network connection, speed 512kbit/s download and 128kbit/s
> upload, Open VPN...
> I set MaxRows property (TIB_Query) on 100.
> When I attempt to get all rows from remote database I cant't get more
> than 100.That is ok! But I wish I cud get them all, slowley 100 by 100...
> How can I get them slowley scrolling on the grid scrollbar?

Maybe I don't understand your question completely, but I'll try to pitch
in my 5 cents. I have clients with similar setups and I do a lot of
maintainance over such setups. When I have a TIB_Grid in a form, I set
the Query to have FetchWholeRows = false (as Helen suggests). I also set
AutoFetchAll to false and AutoFetchFirst to true. In my understanding
the grid that is connected to the query will force it to fetch as many
rows as it needs to display (may it be 10 or 50). If the grid we are
talking about is a detail it will still work pretty good because only
the keys to the next master will be fetched. Any calculus involving more
rows than are displayed I do with other queries or preferrably cursors.
I tie this together in transaction so that the results are not confusing
to the user.

When dealing with performance issues in IBO do take care to separate the
mere fetching from initialisation like fetching metadata and such. Use
the SQL monitor to get a picture of what is the more time-consuming issues.