Subject Re: [IBO] Boolean params in TIBOQuery
Author Dany M
Lutz Kutscher wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your help. This works fine for fields in the resulting dataset,
> but I tried it for parameters, it doesn't work. Setting a parameter to true,
> where the corresponding IB/FB data type is SmallInt or Integer causes the
> value to be converted to -1.
> It seems the problem arises in TParam.SetAsBoolean, where the boolean value
> is converted to a variant, which again uses -1 as the TRUE value.
> I had hoped, that something in IBO's conversion from TParam to the true
> FB-Parameter would offer the possibility to configure "set any parameter
> value thas is not 0 to 1".

I only use the native components so I don't know if this goes for the
compatible ones too. But do check out the query poperty SetParamAttribs
it caused me some grief before I found it (though I did not have exactly
your problem). It *might* help.