Subject Re: [IBO] SQL Hourglass et. al.
Author Daniel Rail

At February 23, 2006, 7:49 PM, Anthony Tanas wrote:

> Cool, thanks for the response. Yea, my question really related to the
> future of firebird. I have no problem with commitment as long as it's
> reciprocated! :)

> I guess really my concerns are about the future of Delphi, Firebird,
> IBObjects - all the stuff I'm building my product (and hopes and dreams)
> with!

I wouldn't worry too much about any of them. Delphi is mostly going
to be stronger when it will go to a new company. Firebird is going to
be around for years and there are a lot of users. And, for IBObjects,
it's been around since Delphi 2, and I don't think Jason will stop the
development any time soon, and he's already taking about version 5.0.

I've been using Delphi since Delphi 1.0(and before that since Turbo
Pascal 5.0). I've been using IBO and Firebird since 2000.

> At any rate, I think you make good points. I would love to dig in and learn
> a database really well and take advantage of it's power and make my program
> a well oiled machine.

Well, if you haven't done so already, you should by Helen Borrie's
book (The Firebird Book). The book is very well written and as a
sample of her work look at the IBO's Getting Started Guide that you
probably received with the purchase of IBO. And, if you buy "The
Firebird Book" from IB Phoenix (, part of the profit
goes towards the development of Firebird(it's one way to contribute to
the Firebird project).

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