Subject Getting Remote Computer Name
Author Anthony Tanas
Thanks Daniel Rail for your reply, I'm glad you mentioned IBPhoenix
otherwise I would have just ordered off of Amazon. I'll be ordering it
today, I hope it won't take too long to ship since it is from the UK? And
thanks for any replies to me that I didn't reply to directly I'm sure I'm
cluttering up your inboxes enough. :)

Helen's suggestions to me did the trick in getting my program to work. I
have another question if it's OK. IS IT OK to ask "off topic" questions
here? This is a general Delphi question.

I have a two part installer for my program. The main installer is designed
to run on the server and it sets up Firebird and then the database. It then
installs the client installer on the server.

So the client installer should be run on each client machine directly off of
the server. By so doing I want to get the server name to set up the client
so it can find the database.

My initial version of this just got the path information (the BDE just
wanted the relative path to the database) but of course IBObjects wants the
absolute path on the server. If the user uses a UNC path to run the
installer I can get the machine name, but if they use a mapped drive I won't
have the machine name in the path.

How can I determine the machine name for a mapped drive (or even if it's a
UNC path, perhaps without parsing the name out of the path information)?

Let me know if this is not an acceptable question to ask here.