Subject BLOB Size Restricted to 64k
Author bmckenna6
AFAIU, Blob size is first restricted by page size.

IB_SQL reports that my Page Size is 4096.

However, the IBODatabase Page Size property
defaults to 1024.

Is this just a default in the code, or is it
actually getting the info from the server?

AFAIU, if the default page size of 4Kb is used, this
_should_ provide the basis for BLOB size => 4 Gb.

My BLOBS, declared simply as <BLOB> with no
SUB_TYPE or SEGMENT SIZE, appear in the source
description provided by IB_SQL as BLOB( 65535, 0 )

I don't know how to interpret this.

Does <65535> refer to SEGMENT SIZE or what?
It seems coincidental with the BLOB size
limit I'm running up against.

Since my limited knowledge indicates that my Db may
be created correctly, I hope that my question is
appropriate here.

How do I begin to resolve this?

Even though I'm storing text in the BLOB, I have always
left the SUB_TYPE undefined, i.e., = 0.

Does this actually make a difference?

I could build a new db using SUB_TYPE 1, but
I think I need to put a hold on my guessing for now
and get some clarity.