Subject Re: BLOB Size Restricted to 64k
Author bmckenna6
Sometimes I know I get "too close" to the keyboard,
and a little fresh air often gives clarity.

I still need clarity on all the questions I posted,
but for the sake of those who wondered what "planet" was
experiencing my problem, I provide the following defense
of my sanity:

On the way back from a bike ride, I realized that the
"64k" problem I was encountering was in the TRichEdit
I was pasting into, then saving/posting (to the Fb Db).

Therein lies a somewhat esoteric errata with Delphi's
TRichEdit help: the MaxLength property which is allegedly
inherited from TCustomEdit and which states that
"A value of 0 indicates that there is no application-defined
limit on the length" is incorrect.

Apparently for TRichEdit.MaxLength = 0 means the keyboard
limit of 64k. Setting it to 2147483645 is a recomended
value, at least for pre D7. Not clear for RichEdit2 (3.0)

Again, any help in clarifying my BLOB source and IBODatabase
Page Size questions will be appreciated.