Subject Re: [IBO] Beginning IBO
Author Lester Caine
softrolli wrote:

> To be honest, at this moment I would gladly go back to IBX, but this
> is the only Job I have, so I have to get used to it. And still want to.

Many years ago now I was looking the other way round. I had BDE based
code that was simply not stable, but could not see how to move forward.
The first attempt with IBO failed miserably, so I went back to 'bug
fixing' BDE. It was six month - and a threat from customers - that
pushed me to try IBO again. This time I started clean and built a
section of the legacy application. Within days I had something that
worked - had a LOT more facilities provided automatically by IBO and
could move forward.

You do not say which version you have inherited - I'm still running some
of the original IBO3 stuff because there was no money to change them.
But the documentation on IBO4 is fairly complete - I presume Delphi?

If the application is reasonably well put together do not fight it, just
learn from it and ask here when something does not make sense. My code
is still overlayed with old methods ( I started coding in Algol60 ;) )
and would benefit from a major tidy up such as tidying field referencing
and perhaps your starting point may be to go through the code and make
things more readable for you. There are always several options for doing
something all of which are right for someone's coding style ;)

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