Subject RE: [IBO] Beginning IBO
Author Jason Wharton
Helen wrote:
> At 09:43 AM 22/12/2006, Jason wrote:
> >If you want a nice middle ground to move to then simply
> start using the
> >TIBODataset based components which are based upon the
> TDataset foundation.
> Because he has inherited a project that is already built with IBO,
> and might already use native IBO, it's possibly not an option for
> him. We wouldn't recommend converting a native IBO application to
> the TDataset model since that would be fraught with problems.
> The challenge seems to be that his own prior knowledge of data access
> is based on IBX and so his encounters with the inherited IBO-built
> code are confusing. Let's find out first what he's using and help
> out from there....

Yes, I agree even moving from native IBO to the TDataset based stuff would
be less than ideal but I'm sure you will agree if he was going to stop using
native IBO that it would be much easier to move to IBO for TDataset than
back to IBX.

It's also not known the level of proficiency the previous programmer had.
Hopefully things are pretty clean and simple. Most IBO apps should be that
way if you know what you are doing. That could also make it easier to take
the IBO app for granted if all that it can do for you is not readily
apparent in the application code.