Subject Re: [IBO] Locate problem with beta 4.7 beta 11
Author Martijn Tonies
> What was fixed in IBO was the underlying problem of IBO not putting the
> locate query on the server together correctly. When doing that I have to
> take into consideration of the underlying column name because that is the
> data I need to look through. I believe it will allow the locate on either
> the underlying SQLName or the actual AliasName of the column as far as
> identifying what column is being searched against.

Right, I thought "locate" was a client side thing only.

> Obviously, if there is ambiguity that the alias is required to
> then it is the responsibility of the programmer to be sure they do the
> locate based on the alias and not the potentially ambiguous SQLName.

Have you considered the case where there's no column name?


select 'test', *
from ...


Imagine "test" coming from some formula or whatever...

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