Subject ? Reason for error message. - 'Executing already or not in Passive mode'
Author Adrian Wreyford
raise Exception.Create( 'Executing already or not in Passive mode' ); in
module IB_Process is being raised, while I'm scolling through a dataset,
while viewing graphs attached to the dataset using TeeChartPro.

The graphs are displayed correctly, and update each time the cursor is
moved to the next record.

This error only occurs if you hold down the mouse key while clicking on
next record in the IB_Navigationbar, and after a few records have been
displayed (scrolled through) the error suddenly appears.

I've never noted this one before.

I use Ib_query to select the data from a table, then populate another
Table programmatically for the actual graph display, then access this
same table using IBOQuery.



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