Subject RE: [IBO] IB_SQL_IBO_4_7_Beta11 problem
Author Jason Wharton
In the past I recall confronting this problem and I did some stuff to try
and avoid it. This largely depends on how fussy the engine wants to be, but
there are things I can do in IBO to minimize the interference. In IBO there
are events which give notification when a DDL command has been executed. I
recently changed the order in which these event notifications take place
which could have upset the order of things.

I'll revert that change because it wasn't for such a critical concern and it
may have been the cause of this. Then, I'll want you to test your situation
again and see if that remedies it. We could also be facing another issue of
some kind. Doing a disconnect from the database isn't necessary, but it is
necessary to deallocate the statement handle. If there are cached statement
handles then its possible your ability to make DDL changes in the database
could be hampered. However, I thought I made IBO automatically purge the
statement handle cache when DDL is executed.

If I look things over carefully I will likely get things back to normal

Jason Wharton

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> >Everytime I update a procedure and run a Cursor SQL to test it,
> >it says procedure in use when I repeat the process while building
> >the same procedure. Have to disconnect and reconnect to continue
> That's inherent in the DB engine. Once you run a SP it is
> cached. If you then alter the procedure, you will have to reset the
> cache before being able to run the new version. (Reset the cache =
> put the db offline and then online for Superserver, simply log off
> and on again for Classic.)
> Helen