Subject Re: [IBO] IB_SQL_IBO_4_7_Beta11 problem
Author Hans
Gladly help testing, keeps me busy :)

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Subject: RE: [IBO] IB_SQL_IBO_4_7_Beta11 problem

> In the past I recall confronting this problem and I did some stuff to try
> and avoid it. This largely depends on how fussy the engine wants to be,
> but
> there are things I can do in IBO to minimize the interference. In IBO
> there
> are events which give notification when a DDL command has been executed.
> I
> recently changed the order in which these event notifications take place
> which could have upset the order of things.
> I'll revert that change because it wasn't for such a critical concern and
> it
> may have been the cause of this. Then, I'll want you to test your
> situation
> again and see if that remedies it. We could also be facing another issue
> of
> some kind. Doing a disconnect from the database isn't necessary, but it
> is
> necessary to deallocate the statement handle. If there are cached
> statement
> handles then its possible your ability to make DDL changes in the database
> could be hampered. However, I thought I made IBO automatically purge the
> statement handle cache when DDL is executed.
> If I look things over carefully I will likely get things back to normal
> again.
> Jason Wharton
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>> >
>> >
>> >Everytime I update a procedure and run a Cursor SQL to test it,
>> >it says procedure in use when I repeat the process while building
>> >the same procedure. Have to disconnect and reconnect to continue
>> That's inherent in the DB engine. Once you run a SP it is
>> cached. If you then alter the procedure, you will have to reset the
>> cache before being able to run the new version. (Reset the cache =
>> put the db offline and then online for Superserver, simply log off
>> and on again for Classic.)
>> Helen
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