Subject RE: [IBO] FieldName in query with joins and aliases 4.7 bevahes different than 4
Author Jason Wharton
> And also, in case of same fieldname, you could leave the
> responsibility to the developer, so you can have:
> select
> field1,
> table2.field2 as alias1,
> table1.field2
> from
> table1
> left join table2 on ...
> and have IBO return
> field1
> alias1
> table1.field2

Here's something to look at:

What does Firebird 2.0 return for the relation alias name for alias1.

t2.field2 as alias1,
from table1 t1
join table2 t2
on ...

Seems to me they would still go ahead and return t2. But, I suppose its
possible they may not.

Jason Wharton