Subject RE: [IBO] Beta 10 installer flawed!
Author Jason Wharton
> unless the installer is like the Jedi VCL (JVCL) one. If some of the
> participants to this thread know the JVCL they also know what
> I'm talking
> about.
> Jason, if you know it, would you like an installer like JVCL
> one? I think it
> is one of the best pieces of software (together with JCL/JVCL
> of course :-)
> I've ever seen.
> I believe that with a bit of efforts it is possible to adapt
> it to IBO.

I don't know anything about their installer.

Unless it could have helped me understand better how Delphi/CPPB compiler
options, registry settings, file paths, etc. are to be configured I don't
think it would have helped much.

I will always make the raw source available to any who want it instead of
the installer.

Jason Wharton