Subject RE: [IBO] Beta 10 installer flawed!
Author Jason Wharton
I said:
> >> What I hope to do is instead of asking the
> >> question like that is to ask it in a way
> >> that gives the choice between two modes, which are:
> >>
> >> 1) Pure consumer of the components with no interest
> >> in tracing or debugging or changing the sources.
> >>
> >> 2) Co-developer of the components with interest
> >> in tracing, debugging and potentially altering
> >> the sources.
> >>
> >> I'll see what I can do to make changes to the
> >> installer so that I don't have to separately make
> >> the Raw sources a separate download from the installer.
> >> I also think in both cases above that I should compile
> >> and install the sources into the IDE.

Helen responded:
> > Jason, I think it would be a mistake to abandon the
> > separate "Raw" download.

Thomas added:
> I second that. ;-)
> When installing components, I always prefer a
> way of installing without an automatic setup routine,
> whatever component package (product) it is.
> So I can be sure that everything goes where I wanted it to be.
> Just my 0.02 cents.

How about three options then?

Or how about the ability to specify where you want things?

I'd like to have one installer do everything, even if it's simply dumping
the sources in a folder of your choice.

I plan to make an uninstall option as well. In my opinion, doing a quality
job on the installer will help tremendously for the mass of customers who
are not like you and Thomas. They simply want to install a component suite
and go to work with it, not in it.

Jason L Wharton