Subject Re: [IBO] Beta 10 installer flawed!
Author Lester Caine
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:

>> Jason, I think it would be a mistake to abandon the separate "Raw"
>> download.
> I second that. ;-)
> When installing components, I always prefer a way of installing without
> an automatic setup routine, whatever component package (product) it is.
> So I can be sure that everything goes where I wanted it to be.

Me to - we have had this discussion before and it is essential that we
can 'restore' a previous build of a product especially when we have to
get approval to deploy updates.
I've still got IBO3 available for a couple of sites that we have yet to
find the time to run the full upgrade testing. They see no need to pay
for it since the system has run stably for many years ;) ( Heck the
railways are still running Win3.1 applications! )
So when I get round to installing the latest version it must not
overwrite anything of an existing setup so that I can switch back to the
current approved version.

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