Subject Re: [IBO] Beta 10 installer flawed!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>> sorry, I forgot to mention that when asked to compile and install the
>>> packages into Delphi I replied NO (I prefer to do it by
>>> hand). So maybe this
>>> could be the reason of the problem. If I remember well, this
>>> problem was already out many releases ago...
>> Yes, this is a problem. I didn't understand that you selected No.
>> What I hope to do is instead of asking the question like that is to ask it
>> in a way that gives the choice between two modes, which are:
>> 1) Pure consumer of the components with no interest in tracing or debugging
>> or changing the sources.
>> 2) Co-developer of the components with interest in tracing, debugging and
>> potentially altering the sources.
>> I'll see what I can do to make changes to the installer so that I don't have
>> to separately make the Raw sources a separate download from the installer.
>> I also think in both cases above that I should compile and install the
>> sources into the IDE.
> Jason, I think it would be a mistake to abandon the separate "Raw"
> download.

I second that. ;-)

When installing components, I always prefer a way of installing without
an automatic setup routine, whatever component package (product) it is.
So I can be sure that everything goes where I wanted it to be.

Just my 0.02 cents.