Subject RE: [IBO] Beta 10 installer flawed!
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:42 PM 1/12/2006, you wrote:
> > sorry, I forgot to mention that when asked to compile and install the
> > packages into Delphi I replied NO (I prefer to do it by
> > hand). So maybe this
> > could be the reason of the problem. If I remember well, this
> > problem was already out many releases ago...
>Yes, this is a problem. I didn't understand that you selected No.
>What I hope to do is instead of asking the question like that is to ask it
>in a way that gives the choice between two modes, which are:
>1) Pure consumer of the components with no interest in tracing or debugging
>or changing the sources.
>2) Co-developer of the components with interest in tracing, debugging and
>potentially altering the sources.
>I'll see what I can do to make changes to the installer so that I don't have
>to separately make the Raw sources a separate download from the installer.
>I also think in both cases above that I should compile and install the
>sources into the IDE.

Jason, I think it would be a mistake to abandon the separate "Raw"
download. I guess I'm not the only one who is keeping IBO current in
several versions of Delphi, with custom environment paths, etc.. The
installer totally wrecks this (and writes things in the Registry that
conflict with one another).

I would take a lot of convincing that an installer for "any and all
versions of Delphi" is at all an objective one could ever
satisfy. At least with the raw install one has exact control over
what goes where...getting a properly working installation matters one
heck of a lot more to me than a cute installer. I doubt that I'm
alone in this.