Subject RE: [IBO] IBO & BDE
Author Paul Hope
Hi Stephen
We have been doing it for a long time, mainly with Interbase. We have left
the connections separate because we had a problem with sharing - but I cant
remember what the problem was.

There were some gotchas in the conversion process when replacing BDE with
native components.

One is that AfterOpen it completely different. In the BDE it fires after the
data has been retrieved but in IB_ it is before so the buffer is empty.

Good luck

> What are the implications, if any, of running IBO & BDE in the same
> executable? I have an enormous app and I am thinking of migrating it to
> IBO in pieces so that some of the db I/O would happen through IBO and
> some throught BDE (over separate sessions of course) during the
> migration period. This would allow me to do a phased migration without
> having to shutdown development while I did it.