Subject Re: IBO & BDE
Author Stephen Boyd
Thanks to everyone for you replies. I have been wanting to get off
of BDE for some time but have been unable to devote the time required
to a mass conversion. It looks like a phased approached is doable so
that will be a big help.

--- In, "Paul Hope" <paulhope@a...> wrote:
> Hi Stephen
> We have been doing it for a long time, mainly with Interbase. We
have left
> the connections separate because we had a problem with sharing -
but I cant
> remember what the problem was.
> There were some gotchas in the conversion process when replacing
BDE with
> native components.
> One is that AfterOpen it completely different. In the BDE it fires
after the
> data has been retrieved but in IB_ it is before so the buffer is
> Good luck
> Regards
> Paul
> >
> > What are the implications, if any, of running IBO & BDE in the
> > executable? I have an enormous app and I am thinking of migrating
it to
> > IBO in pieces so that some of the db I/O would happen through IBO
> > some throught BDE (over separate sessions of course) during the
> > migration period. This would allow me to do a phased migration
> > having to shutdown development while I did it.
> >