Subject Re: IBO & BDE
Author stanw1950
--- In, "Stephen Boyd" <sboydlns@y...> wrote:
> What are the implications, if any, of running IBO & BDE in the same
> executable? I have an enormous app and I am thinking of migrating it
> IBO in pieces so that some of the db I/O would happen through IBO and
> some throught BDE (over separate sessions of course) during the
> migration period. This would allow me to do a phased migration
> having to shutdown development while I did it.

We migrated in phases with our large application running IBO and BDE in
the same exe. We noticed no problems. I did share the connections using
the code in the "coexisting with bde" section in the online help guide
( on the ibo home page.

I had problems when I tried to convert the app all at once. Certain
performance issues came up that could be resolved by changing some code
but because our app was so large I felt I would be too overwhelmed to
try to tweak everything at once. Therefore, I upgraded in phases. It
took a little over a year (it had a low priority), but I was not in any
hurry. Plus I could (if possible) upgrade to the native components
instead of doing a mass upgrade to the bde replacement components and
then try to upgrade to the native components.

Good luck.
Stan Walker