Subject help needed
Author cyclon779
I have developed a stand alone application using delphi/firebird. Now,
the customer wants this applications to be modified as a network
application. This is the first time when I do this, because I am new
in the field. So, curiously, when IbManager works on server computer
or client, the application works but in any other case I can't
connect. I receive the following err: ISC Error CODE 335544344 - "I/O
Error for file c:\srv\s2.gdb" , "Error while trying to open the file".
This is really interesting. If I have IbManager or Ems applications
started I can log in into datase but I am not able to execute the
triggers or procedures that are using UDF's (fbudf,rfunc).
The location of UDF dll's is on c:\program files\firebird_1_5\UDF
(default). I made some modif. on firebird.conf files but this doesn't
help. The parameters for IB_Connection are set from runtime this way:

(just for testing)
Please, if someone have some time for giving me some hints I will
appreciate. Thank you very much.